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Receive free direct bookings from Google + elloha

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Thanks to the channel manager elloha,
display your prices and schedules on the first pages of Google,
without commission or variable costs and without any time commitment.
Young woman booking her trip at the last minute
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Hotels, guest houses, gîtes, campsites ... and tree houses*.

elloha helps your establishment: hotel, hut, hostel
Receive your direct bookings from Google !

elloha is the channel manager par excellence for receiving your direct and free bookings from Google : with a single schedule, you can publish your prices and availabilities on the first pages of Google of course! but also on your own site and on dozens of others OTAs. You save time, visibility, new customers and you avoid overbooking.

* The Google+elloha "Free Link" offer is reserved for "fixed" and commercially operated accommodation.
elloha helps your establishment: hotel, hut, hostel

Download our brochure

Brochure presenting the partnership between Google and the channel manager elloha

What you need to know to receive bookings from Google without commission!

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Brochure presenting the partnership between Google and the channel manager elloha
Google Hotels
elloha connects you to Google and the world's largest OTAs.
The channel manager elloha connects you to Google and the largest OTAs.

Why post your prices on Google ?

Google Hotels
First of all, this new service Google is free!

Google wants to offer even more services to its millions of users: giving the address, photos and reviews of your accommodation is good. For Google, in 2021, giving your prices and allowing you to book directly is better!

Your reservations are direct and commission-free*!

Google sends your customers directly to the booking engine elloha where you remain in control of the prices displayed and your payment methods ... just like on your own website! You benefit from increased free visibility and you keep all your income.

*You do not pay any commission to Google or to elloha
elloha certifies the collaboration with the official websiteselloha allows you to appear on searches Google booking

How does it work?

Your price is always displayed in priority
with the mention "Official Site "*.

By activating the direct (and free!) booking of Google thanks to the channel manager elloha, you display your rates on Google with the mention "Official Site"!

Your direct prices are displayed first** and when the user clicks on them, they are sent directly to your own booking engine elloha !

elloha certifies the collaboration with the official websiteselloha allows you to appear on searches Google booking
* The presence of other tariffs and sellers than you depends on your distribution policy on OTAs and their willingness or not to buy sponsored links on Google.
** Your prices are always displayed first in the "All options" block. Other prices may be displayed before yours if advertisements are paid for by the OTAs on which you are distrubuting.
In the "World After", every expense counts!

How much does it cost?

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With elloha and Google, your costs are under control:

  • For elloha, you only pay a monthly subscription with no commitment (from 49€ to connect to Google and dozens ofOTAs) and you don't pay any other variable fees on your reservations,
  • For Google, you do not pay any registration or visibility fees for the "Free Link" service,
  • You can pay to increase your position if other OTAs* post your prices on Google : to do this, you will need to subscribe to the Google Hotel Ads service.
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* If you distribute your offers on other OTAs (Booking, Expedia ....), they may also display your rates on Google using "sponsored" links. In this case, it is possible for you to outbid them to be displayed on an equivalent or higher position.
the channel manager elloha is a partner of google, for tourism professionals

Intercept your future customers at their first search!

elloha certifies the collaboration with the official websitesthe channel manager elloha is a google partner for tourism accommodation owners
Did you know that 93% of all trips start at Google ?

Whether you are looking for a room for a weekend or a week, every trip usually starts with a search on Google. By advertising your offers and prices in the first search results, you can potentially increase your share of direct (and free) bookings by 11% through elloha and Google !

*Source: Data from elloha 2021

Why choose the channel manager elloha to distribute you on ?Google

Keep control of your business

If making as many direct bookings as possible should remain your primary objective, distribution via Google contributes, by its efficiency and its free nature, to attracting new customers directly. However, don't neglect OTAs which is one of the most effective ways to gain immediate visibility.

With elloha, you can easily access Google and dozens ofOTAs, from 49€ per month, without any additional commission, and without any time commitment.

The rating Google and the number of opinions obtained by the channel manager elloha

Keep control of your business

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You benefit from real-time synchronisation elloha certified by Google.
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You receive your payments directly on your own booking engine elloha, free of charge and without intermediaries.
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You benefit from 24/7 support in French, by chat, by email and a complete knowledge base.
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You have total freedom because elloha does not impose any time commitment.
You can cancel at any time.
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You trust a company from French Tech that brings you new features every month, at no extra cost.
21-day free trial

elloha, the #1 platform for your multi-channel distribution.

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Adopt multi-channel at the best price

All your offers can be sold with elloha

Whether you offer rooms by the night, by the week, options or additional activities ... elloha allows you to create all your offers and to sell them directly by phone or e-mail, on your own website and at your distribution partners from a single schedule!

Relaxed man in front of his smartphone with his reservation thanks to your platform elloha
Relaxed man in front of his smartphone with his reservation thanks to your platform elloha
"With elloha, I distribute myself easily on Booking and the other OTAs but I remained master of my distribution and my share of "direct" remains the most important; which was my first objective"
Owner of La Rochelle Lodge (Charente Maritime)

Always guarantee
the Best Price online!

Smartphone screen swiped from bottom to top and social media postings appreciated

63% of customers prefer to book directly!

With elloha, you can make the most of the laws* on price (dis)parity: program your best price - which will only be sold on your site - and display a different price at your partners OTAs. The operation is completed in just two clicks and your customers will love finding the best prices on your site!

*In France, the Macron law of 2015 authorises you to publish "your best guaranteed price" on your website and to offer different prices on the websites of your distribution partners.

Smartphone screen swiped from bottom to top and social media postings appreciated

Your Booking & Google reviews are even better managed, for more bookings.

People finding elloha thanks to google reviews: make your reservations easier with elloha

77% of internet users say they never book without reading at least 4 reviews.

With elloha, managing your customer reviews is absolutely simple: all your reviews are grouped together on a single screen. You can reply directly from your elloha account and they are immediately updated on Booking and on Google My Business!

People finding elloha thanks to google reviews: make your reservations easier with elloha
Source: TripAdvisor & Google
Logos GoogleClients GoogleMyBusiness
21-day free trial
Spread out everywhere!
Connected speakers

From your home to the other side of the world

It is essential to increase your visibility on as many platforms as possible to attract a large number of bookings. With your unique schedule, elloha connects you to your local partners (concierge), to your tourist office and to the major online accommodation and leisure sales portals.

Viator Tripadvisor logos GetYourGuideLogos Expedia Airbnb  HomeAway
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Attract and retain new customers

All your digital marketing from elloha

Manage your customer file, send newsletters, publish your offers in the form of posts, respond to your customer reviews from a single screen, create promotion codes and manage your website in a jiffy!

Two people working in the same workspace
Two people working in the same workspace
Connect your elloha account to dozens of business applications:
Logos Facebook Google MyBusiness Mailchimp Sendinblue

Expand your business without breaking the bank, without hidden costs.

No commission, No time commitment, One support 5*****
Try each of our plans for 21 days for free.


The ABC's of selling online quickly on your own website
21-day free trial
for €268 per year including VAT
23 per month

for 24€ TTC per month

What your subscription includes:
  • Your secure, multilingual, responsive booking engine
  • Create and install an unlimited number of booking engines on your site and those of your partners
  • Manage your schedule and bookings from a single screen and collect money from your customers according to your own terms
  • Integration with Stripe and PayBox to connect your own distance selling contract
  • Access to our 24/7 support and chat during office hours


Everything you need to distribute to as many channels as possible at once
21-day free trial
for 548€ per year
46 per month

for 49€ TTC per month

What your subscription includes:
  • All functions of the Startup planplus:
  • Distribute your offers on the local "Concierge" network
  • Broadcast your offers in real time on Google, Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, facebook, Viator, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, HomeAway ...
  • Create and sell gift cards, gift vouchers and issue unlimited discount coupons
  • Edit estimates, invoices, manage your taxes and export your data
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Top sales and marketing solution to boost your income
21-day free trial

for €628 per year including VAT

52 per month

for 59€ TTC per month

What your subscription includes:
  • All functions of the Connect planplus:
  • Manage your customer file and e-mail campaigns
  • Manage and respond to your GoogleMyBusiness customer reviews from your account elloha
  • Create and animate your responsive, multilingual website in no time and change its look whenever you want

Our clients testify

Every day, hundreds of professionals like you use elloha
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between elloha and other online sales solutions?

elloha offers you a fixed subscription (from 24€ to 59€ per month) without any additional costs. This means that there are no hidden costs such as technical fees charged on each of your bookings (1.50€ or more for example). Even less variable fees (e.g. 1% or more) on each booking we send you from your website, local network or online travel agencies (OTAs). With elloha, you know for sure the cost of your online distribution solution, without the risk of inflation.

How long do I have to commit to you?

It's up to you! Because at elloha you have no minimum commitment period! With us, there's no question of committing yourself without you making the decision: you have no commitment in terms of time, which means that you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. It's up to us to always deliver the best service to keep you loyal :-)

Is the connection to OTAs fast?

It depends on OTAs of course but our partners (Booking, Expedia, AirBnB, Viator, GetYourGuide TripAdvisor, etc ...) are extremely professional and fast. In general, connecting your schedule to these channels takes only a few hours depending on your availability.

Am I accompanied? Because I am not very comfortable with technology ...

Yes, absolutely! Our support team is available at all times and you can ask us questions at any time via chat or email. As a general rule, we answer your most important questions in less than an hour and the average time to resolve the most complicated cases is 6 hours! Moreover, in surveys sent to our customers after an intervention by our support team, the satisfaction rate is 96%!

Average level of satisfaction
with Customer Support elloha as judged by our customers
Medal 96
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Are you a destination?
Adopt the platform that transforms you.

With elloha, become the #1 partner of your local tourism actors.
Develop your business

to each other!

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For a quicker recovery
, by promoting your local partners, you give your customers an extra incentive to come to you and your destination.
In return, have your local partners recommend you to their customers. By helping yourself in this way, you create a more direct and virtuous distribution.

Each tourism company is the best prescriber of offers in its destination. Every accommodation provider has an interest in recommending leisure offers around them. In the same way, attractions can recommend accommodation providers close to their address. This is what is known as circular distribution.

A person puts a plant in a vase
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Encourage more ethical booking

Contribute to the development of the short circuit

By creating a powerful network with your local partners (whom you will distribute and who will distribute you), you seize the opportunity to create an alternative and virtuous distribution, where the best part of your income is captured by your company and your territory.

"By federating the tourist producers of our destination, we have created a network of producer-distributors of more than 300 sites and we are encouraging reservations in short circuits.
Patrick LEVY
CEO Morbihan Tourisme (Brittany)

A French startup serving the growth of tourism professionals

Produced with pride in the Catalan region

Kaleidoscope of the team elloha

elloha has nearly 40 employees who meet every morning with a smile in our offices in Perpignan! Come and see us :)

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