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Boost the visibility of your bike rentals
and get more bookings on your website,
from Google and major portals!
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Get rentals from the 1st page of Google

Now you can receive direct bookings from the world's most widely used search engine. Display your rental offers, your itineraries ... on the first pages of Google and redirect your customers to your booking engine without paying the slightest commission.

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Sell your bikes on!

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Offer your bike rentals to the millions of daily customers of!

With elloha, it's as easy as pie! Just one click and all your bike rentals, routes, options, etc. will be automatically displayed on the Attractions section of It's simple and transparent, and there are no extra costs apart from the commission payable to Booking !

More than 3,000 leisure professionals rely on elloha

With elloha, you can create and sell all your offers: simple ticketing, sessions with a fixed date and time, free or conditional entry, your bookings can be confirmed immediately or according to the restrictions you set (minimum occupancy, weather, etc.).

elloha connects you to all digital markets without cutting you off from your daily constraints (stock of material or tickets, confirmation times, etc.)
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The #1 solution for you and your customers

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Receive your bookings 24/7, in all languages and from all media.
Validated panel
Receive your payments in real time and in 100% secure mode.
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Make life easier for your customers and offer them quick and easy access control using a simple mobile phone.

The #1 platform for bike rental companies!

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Digitalise your business easily

All your offers can be sold with elloha

Whether you're offering bike rentals, guided tours - on a fixed date and time or free services over an hour, a day or several days - or even options (equipment, picnic baskets, etc.) ... elloha lets you create all your offers and sell them at your counters, on the Internet and to your partners from a single schedule.

Relaxed man in front of his smartphone with his reservation thanks to your platform elloha
Relaxed man in front of his smartphone with his reservation thanks to your platform elloha
"I come from a Nordic country where logic dominates our organisations and I find elloha very logical, very easy to use and I highly recommend it."
Manager of Gepetto & Vélos (Paris)
Don't miss any mobile bookings
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Your mobile bookings are strategic

Today, 80% of bicycle reservations are made by cell phone, and 60% of these are made at the last minute.
To save time, avoid queues and benefit from faster service, elloha allows you to offer your customers total security for their customer experience in your establishment.

"On very busy days, access control by simply using our mobile phones has been a great help.
Jean-Marc GROUL
Seaquarium (Grau du Roi)
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Attract and retain new customers

All your digital marketing from elloha

Manage your customer database, send out newsletters, publish your offers in the form of posts, respond to your customer reviews from a single screen (Google and your website), create promotional codes and manage your website in the blink of an eye!

Two people working in the same workspace
Two people working in the same workspace
Connect your elloha account to dozens of business applications:
Spread out everywhere!
Connected speakers

From your home to the other side of the world

It is essential to increase your visibility on as many platforms as possible to attract a large number of bookings. With your unique schedule, elloha connects you to your local partners (concierge), to your tourist office and to the major online accommodation and leisure sales portals.

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Your website without any effort

Your website 100% optimised for booking

With the elloha website generator, your bike rental website can aim for better SEO and a higher volume of direct bookings. Without any effort on your part, choose your template, click and - presto! - your site and your offers are online, ready to win you as many customers as possible!

Computer arriving in a joyful jump
Computer arriving in a joyful jump
"With elloha, I was able to design our guest house website myself, even though I have no expertise in this area. As for its daily update, it is a real child's play!"
Elisabeth NOUVEL
Bastidon Saint Michel (Sainte Maxime, Provence)

Expand your business without breaking the bank, without hidden costs.

No commission, No time commitment, One support 5*****
Try each of our plans for 21 days for free.


The ABC's of selling online quickly on your own website
21-day free trial
for €268 per year including VAT
23 per month
What your subscription includes:
  • Your secure, multilingual, responsive booking engine
  • Create and install an unlimited number of booking engines on your site and those of your partners
  • Manage your schedule and bookings from a single screen and collect money from your customers according to your own terms
  • Integration with Stripe and PayBox to connect your own distance selling contract
  • Access to our 24/7 support and chat during office hours


Everything you need to distribute to as many channels as possible at once
21-day free trial
for 548€ per year
46 per month
What your subscription includes:
  • All Startup plan functionsplus:
  • Distribute your offers on the local "Concierge" network
  • Broadcast your offers in real time on Google, Booking, Viator, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, facebook ...
  • Create and sell gift cards, gift vouchers and issue unlimited discount coupons
  • Edit estimates, invoices, manage your taxes and export your data
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Top sales and marketing solution to boost your income
21-day free trial

for €628 per year including VAT

52 per month

What your subscription includes:
  • All functions of the Connect planplus:
  • Manage your customer file and e-mail campaigns
  • Manage and respond to your GoogleMyBusiness customer reviews from your account elloha
  • Create and animate your responsive, multilingual website and change its look whenever you like
  • Create your own private sales
  • Don't lose any reservations with abandoned basket recovery

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Make a deal
with your tourist office.

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Partner with your tourist office and install your booking engine on their site!

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Broadcast your offers on the website of your tourist office.
Benefit from additional visibility thanks to your office.
Receive reservations directly from its counters

Frequently Asked Questions

How does elloha differ from other online platforms selling bike rentals, introductory courses, trails, etc.?

elloha is a platform dedicated to all the "verticals" of the tourism industry (accommodation providers and leisure activities), and draws on a wealth of experience in the field to develop the functionalities that are most important for a professional like you. Our mission is to help you save more time and money... by providing you with a simple solution, within everyone's reach. By connecting you to Google (MyBusiness, Activities, etc.) and to the major leisure portals (Booking, Viator, GetYourGuide, Funbooker,, CapAdrenaline, etc.), elloha facilitates the distribution of your bike rentals, helping you to increase your visibility and multiply your rentals ... for a fixed budget, with no time commitment and with 7/7 support recognized as the best of all editors (over 1800 reviews, 4.8 on average).

What are the immediate benefits of elloha ?

In just a few hours, with the support of our team (and free of charge! even if you decide not to proceed), you'll radically transform your business management with an all-in-one platform! You'll be able to centralize all your essential data in one place: bike stocks, online and counter reservations, contracts and customer information. Say goodbye to old-fashioned paper-based methods and outdated Excel spreadsheets!

With elloha, you'll be launching online (and personalized!) bike rentals in just two minutes, with real-time synchronization of your inventory and schedule on your website, at your counter, on Google and on the major platforms you decide to distribute with. You'll benefit from intuitive, high-performance tools to engage your customers, strengthen their loyalty and gather their valuable feedback. You'll reinvent the way you work with a solution that propels your business to new heights of efficiency and success.

What are my risks?

None at all! Here's why! Firstly, elloha offers a solution perfectly suited to bike rental companies and leisure organizers. Secondly, elloha offers a fixed subscription fee (from €24 to €59 per month) with no additional, hidden costs (apart from commissions, which you pay directly to your distributors). This means there are no hidden costs, such as technical fees levied on each reservation (€1.50 or more, for example). And even fewer variable costs (e.g. 1% or more) on every booking we transmit to you from your website, your local network or online travel agencies (OTAs). With elloha, you have complete control over the cost of your online distribution, with no risk of inflation.

How long do I have to commit to you?

You decide! Because with elloha, there's no minimum commitment period! You can sign up for one month or more, for a whole year or more ... and cancel your subscription whenever you like!

Is the connection to OTAs fast?

It depends on OTAs of course, but our partners (Booking, Expedia, AirBnB, Viator, GetYourGuide TripAdvisor, etc ...) are extremely professional and fast. In general, it only takes a few hours to connect your schedules to these channels.

Am I being supported? Because I don't necessarily have the resources within my organisation to implement such a project...

Yes, absolutely! Our Support team is available to you at any time, and you can ask us any questions you like by chat or e-mail. As a general rule, we answer your most important questions in less than an hour, and the average turnaround time for the most complicated cases is 1 hour! What's more, in surveys sent out to our customers after an intervention by our support team, the satisfaction rate is 96%!

Average level of satisfaction
with Customer Support elloha as judged by our customers
Medal 96
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