Boost your vacation rental bookings

single calendarget better results with elloha
For less than 1€ per day, the best of digital
to multiply your reservations.
Your vacation rental can pay off

How to earn more with elloha ?

With a single platform you have all the tools to maximize your reservations at the lowest cost.

#1 : a unique planning, which synchronizes the accommodation in real time (with different rates according to the channels)

#2 : and an ultra-easy to use website on which users can book their stay "directly" without commission

The Basic offer from elloha gathers all the essentials for a vacation rental owner
Save time on a daily basis
Turn your vacation rental into a real business
distribution OTAs

Sell on a maximum of sites, with a single schedule

distribution OTAs

No more hassle! elloha helps you to distribute your vacation rental on the biggest portals using a unique, easy-to-understand schedule!

You multiply your visibility, avoid overbooking, (and can even display different prices depending on the sales channel...)

A professional site, easy to manage!

Your website without help from anyone

Your customers are looking to book their vacations online, and rely on the quality of your web storefront.

Promote your vacation rental with a personalized website, which can be easily managed without the help of a webmaster. Without any effort on your part, choose your template, click and - hey presto! - your website is online, ready to make you win a maximum of customers!

Included in elloha Basic : your custom-made, multilingual, secured and hosted website !
Broadcast live on the world's biggest sites!

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Brochure presenting the partnership between Google and the channel manager elloha

Everything you need to know about increasing your vacation rental income can be found here!

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Brochure presenting the partnership between Google and the channel manager elloha
Online payment becomes a breeze!

Accept all payments from your customers

Your customers love to pay online using their usual means. With elloha, you sell online without commission and allow your customers to book with you with the greatest of ease. By the night or by the week, you determine your prices, your availability, and that's it!

Your customers' preferred payment methods directly on your site

Your booking engine offers many payment methods, among the most used, whether in France or abroad!
Broadcast live on the world's biggest sites!

On computer, tablet, or mobile, manage in real time

Use the mobile application to manage your ad and your reservations from anywhere, in real time. By using the mobile application elloha you keep your mind at ease!

Computer arriving in a joyful jump
Computer arriving in a joyful jump
Manage your vacation rental from the app elloha, free download

Take advantage of the Basic subscription for less than 1€ per day!

No commission, 21 days free trial, Support 5*****
For 349€ TTC per year, your site, your booking engine and your synchronization!

349€ TTC per year

The Basic subscription from elloha is made for vacation rental owners.

Included: your website, your booking engine and your connection to the largest sales channels!

The Basic offer from elloha gathers all the essentials for a vacation rental owner
  • Your site fully automated (no effort)
  • Your secure, multilingual and responsive booking engine
  • Synchronization with the largest distributors on the market (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia ...)
  • Manage your schedule and reservations from a single screen and your cell phone,
  • Cash in on your customers as you decide!
  • Access our support, in French, 24/7

Get more bookings, more easily

Get more out of your vacation rentals with elloha. Like thousands of tourism professionals, benefit from our services and innovations.

You have access to the essential tools to manage your vacation rental with peace of mind.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Receive your bookings 24/7, in all languages and from all media.
Validated panel
Receive your payments, without intermediaries, in real time and in 100% secure mode.
Hand with thumb up
Benefit from 24/7 support in French, by chat, by email and a complete knowledge base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does elloha differ from other online vacation rental sales solutions?

elloha is a platform dedicated to all the "verticals" of the tourism industry (accommodation providers and leisure activities), and draws on a wealth of experience in the field to develop the functionalities that are most important for a professional like you. Our mission is to help you save more time and money... by providing you with a simple solution that's within everyone's reach. By connecting you to Google (MyBusiness, Activities, etc) and to the major accommodation booking portals (Booking, Airbnb, Vrbo-Abritel, Expedia, Google Rentals, LeBonCoin, Gîtes de France, etc), elloha facilitates the distribution of your vacation rentals, helping you to increase your visibility and multiply your bookings .... for a fixed budget, with no long-term commitment and 7/7 support recognized as the best of all publishers (over 1800 reviews, 4.8 average).

What are the immediate benefits of elloha ?

In just a few hours, with the help of our team (and free of charge! even if you decide not to proceed), you'll radically transform the management of your vacation rental with an all-in-one platform! You'll be able to centralize all your essential data in one place: availability, customer messages, respond to customer feedback, manage online and telephone bookings, edit contracts and other customer information. Say goodbye to old-fashioned paper-based methods and outdated Excel spreadsheets!

With elloha, you can launch your online vacation rental (with a personalized site!) in just two minutes, with real-time synchronization of your inventory and schedule on your site, at your counter, on Google and on the major platforms you decide to distribute with. You'll benefit from intuitive, high-performance tools to engage your customers, strengthen their loyalty and gather their valuable feedback. You'll reinvent the way you work, with a solution that propels your business to new heights of efficiency and success.

What are my risks?

None at all! Here's why! Firstly, elloha offers a solution perfectly suited to gîte owners. Secondly, elloha offers a fixed subscription fee (from €24 to €59 per month) with no additional, hidden costs (apart from commissions, which you pay directly to your distributors). This means there are no hidden costs, such as technical fees levied on each reservation (€1.50 or more, for example). And even fewer variable costs (e.g. 1% or more) on every booking we transmit to you from your website, your local network or online travel agencies (OTAs). With elloha, you have complete control over the cost of your online distribution, with no risk of inflation.

How long do I have to commit to you?

You decide! Because with elloha, there's no minimum commitment period! You can sign up for one month or more, for a whole year or more ... and cancel your subscription whenever you like!

Is the connection to OTAs fast?

It depends on OTAs of course, but our partners (Booking, Expedia, AirBnB, Google, Vrbo-Abritel,TripAdvisor, etc ...) are extremely professional and fast. In general, connecting your schedules to these channels takes just a few hours.

Am I being supported? Because I don't necessarily have the resources within my organisation to implement such a project...

Yes, absolutely! Our Support team is available to you at any time, and you can ask us any questions you like by chat or e-mail. As a general rule, we answer your most important questions in less than an hour, and the average turnaround time for the most complicated cases is 1 hour! What's more, in surveys sent out to our customers after an intervention by our support team, the satisfaction rate is 96%!

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